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News Update

posted 20 Nov 2011, 12:09 by Chris Alexander
There's been a lot of stuff happening and I haven't had much of a chance to talk about it.

The motion for the robot is well and truly underway now. Here are some videos of the progress:

MotorHawk C# interface, controlling the robot through code -

Simple remote control of the robot over WiFi -

Today's innovation, tilt-based remote control of the robot from a mobile phone -

There have been some thoughts going into the next stages for the robot.

I think I may switch over to using Windows and C# for the whole project. This will be a better for a number of reasons:
- Use official Kinect SDK, get audio support and better support from Microsoft
- Only need to run one OS on the laptop so get better performance
- All the code can run in one app
- I can test the app on my desktop PC
- Less need to rely on wireless connections passing data for essential processing off-device

I am also planning the hardware for Amoeba-2, based on what I've learnt from this robot. It should be a lot more powerful but will probably not be manufactured until Christmas at least.