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Project Origin is an MEng Research Project being completed by Chris Alexander. He is in his final year of MEng Applied Robotics at the University of Reading.

This site acts as a hub for all of the information on the project, and is part of the project's aim to spread the knowledge that is acquired with as wide an audience as possible.

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Project Introduction
Project Origin is an investigation into the use of next-generation low-cost advanced sensors for robotic applications.

It primarily focuses on investigating whether the Xbox Kinect accessory is suitable for use in low-cost robot solutions. The method will be an implementation of an ultra low-cost robot solution to solve an environmental investigation and analysis goal with the Kinect as its primary sensor.

Additional sensors will be added as the project progresses and so long as they fit the criteria of low-cost and easily implementable.

For more information on the project view the Overview.

Project Status

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The following pages are used for tracking activities required on the project.
  • Tasks - high-level tasks to be completed by the project
  • Issues - software and documentation bugs that require resolution